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Salman Khan helps out his co-star Daisy Shah


Rumor has it that Dabanng khan is helping co-star Daisy Shah with all her problems.

Salman Khan has always been known to be a fun and caring person on the sets of each film he does. His screen love interests are given extra attention and he likes to make sure they are comfortable and all their requirements are met. Salman is very easy to talk to and is very protective about the ladies during the shoot.

According to the latest buzz, Salman has a keen interest in helping out Daisy and resolving her problems too. The actress is happy with all the attention and says that she looks up to Salman for guidance in the industry.

Daisy agrees that she goes to Salman for help because she knows him well and she is just starting out and needs proper guidance to find her way.

She denies the rumors that folks in her unit avoid her because she shares a friendly relationship with everyone on the sets.

Salman started shooting for his forthcoming film 'Mental' and rumors about the close friendship with his co-star Daisy Shah started to brew. Not only are both of them seen chatting and connecting for hours but also going for long walks and taking cycle ride together.

The actress is reportedly confiding her secrets to Salman and taking advice on both personal and professional matters.

The people on the sets say that she reports every matter to the superstar and they have become more careful before sharing their views in front of her and prefer avoiding her.

Salman's very protective and caring nature makes him truly a gentleman and hence it is not a surprise that he has now become the agony aunt for Daisy.

The newbie actress was seen enjoying the special privileges that come with being friends with Salman at the film's shoot in Lavasa. Salman is said to be very fond of Daisy.

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