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"I'm not hiding anywhere," says Sana Khan

Actor Sana Khan who was all over the news for alleged involvement in a kidnapping case and was apparently in hiding, has denied all the accusations. 

Sana has said that she is not absconding and is very much in the public eye. The actress said that she is busy with shooting for her films, attending events and performing at live shows in the last few weeks. 

She denied any connection to the kidnapping of any minor girl. Sana said that she was called to meet the girl's mother only after she was told that the girl's mother was a huge fan and had desired to meet her. 

In fact, the girl was willing that she would join her later and asked to visit her place with Sana's cousin. It seems the other two boys who have been named in the case didn't even enter the girl's house. 

Sana says that she had gone to meet up with her cousin at Navi Mumbai and he insisted that Sana should meet the girl. Sana met her inside an ice-cream parlour. The actress denied that there was a problem between the girl and her cousin as the girl came in willingly to meet with Sana. 

Sana went on to say that the CCTV footage of the building in which the girl stays is available as evidence and will vouch for the time Sana visited and the duration that she was there with the girl. 

The 'Menta' leading lady said that the spot where the family has alleged that the kidnapping took place is a very crowded area. It is not possible that such an event took place and no one noticed. 

The actress denied that she was hiding her face; she said people are aware of the kind of person she is and there is no way that she could have even attempted such an act. 

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