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Can A Landlord Enter Rental Property Whenever He Wants?

One of the main causes of tensions between a landlord and tenant is the misunderstanding of the landlord’s right to view or inspect the property that they own. Landlords feel that since they own the property, they should have frequent access in order to perform a range of tasks to keep the property safe and well-maintained. Tenants are often fearful that their privacy is being violated when there is entry into the rental property without their consent. A landlord has the right to visit his property whenever he wants after all it’s his property and it’s his right to take care of the property even if he hired renters.

Though inspecting rental property is important yet a landlord should understand the rules and parameters of inspecting a house. He should not inspect the property in short period of time or from time to time. Two or more times in a year are normal for inspecting a house but not all the time. If a landlord wants to enter his property whenever he wants to then he should precisely mentioned it into the rental agreement that they have signed at the time of hiring tenants. They both should know and understand the rights of a tenant and landlord very well to avoid any problems in future.

Landlord must choose a right day, date and suitable time to inspect his rental property so that the tenants could also make free time to be there. And always thank to your tenants if they keep your property well maintained and managed.

Notice is required before an Inspection

If there is no emergency then the landlord should have to give notice at least 48 hours before inspection. If you are a landlord and you want to inspect your Maryland rental property then you should give 48 hours’ of notice to your tenants. There are certain situations when you can enter the property without any notice like:

  • In an event of an emergency.

  • During a tenant’s extended absence.

  • When the landlord need to show the property.

So, these are the time when a landlord can enter the rental property. You must know your rights being as a landlord before hiring renters for your property so that you can be a good landlord. Well, escaping from such responsibilities you can hire Maryland property Management Company as they are professionals and know all the legal formalities to do while maintaining your property and handling tenants. So hire Property Management Company and enjoy hassle free landlordship.

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